Your Specialty Move Experts

Specialty moves require special attention.

Specialty move Experts

Specialty moves require special attention. Whether you’re transporting delicate artwork, a treasured piano, or critical medical equipment, Forward Van Lines, Your Specialty Move Experts, has got you covered. With expertise in handling a wide range of specialty items and a reputation for excellent service, we’re the trusted choice for specialty moves.

1. Tailored Specialty Moving Plans

We understand that specialty items often hold more than just monetary value—they have
sentimental and functional significance as well. At Forward Van Lines, we create tailored
moving plans that account for the unique requirements of your specialty items.

2. Special Item Handling

Our team is trained in special item handling. From art and antiques to pianos and medical
equipment, we have the necessary expertise and equipment to ensure the secure and careful
transit of your items.

3. Packing and Crating

For many specialty items, standard boxes and packing materials just won’t cut it. We offer
custom crating solutions, providing added protection for your valuables. Using high-quality
materials, our team ensures your items are properly packed and secure for the move.

4. Secure Transportation

Your specialty items deserve the best care during transportation. Forward Van Lines utilizes a
modern fleet of moving trucks and equipment, ensuring your belongings are transported safely
and efficiently to your new location.

5. Storage Solutions

Sometimes, a specialty move may involve the need for storage. At Forward Van Lines, we offer
secure, climate-controlled storage facilities, providing peace of mind that your specialty items
are safely stored until they’re ready to be moved.

6. Installation and Setup

Forward Van Lines goes beyond just moving and delivery. We also assist with the installation
and setup of your specialty items, ensuring they’re ready for use or display in your new location.
With Forward Van Lines, you can trust that your specialty items are in expert hands. We are
committed to providing a moving experience that prioritizes the safety and security of your
specialty items. For your specialty move needs, call us today at (954) 994-2686.

Written by Guy Maman
July 7, 2023
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