Moving to Europe

Moving to London

Moving to London from South Florida? Ensure a Smooth

Considering a move from South Florida to London? Selecting a dependable moving company is critical for a successful international relocation. Discover why Forward Van Lines is the right choice for moving to England’s vibrant capital.

Navigating International Relocation Challenges

Pre-Move Preparation

International moves entail complex logistics, from securing visas to arranging transport.

Expert Packing and Storage Solutions

Forward Van Lines offers expert packing services and free 30-day storage, ensuring your belongings are secure and ready for the move.

Freight Forwarding

The Importance of Efficient Freight Forwarding

Moving your belongings safely across continents requires expert handling, particularly for air and sea freight.

IAM-Affiliated Moving Expertise

As members of the International Association of Movers, Forward Van Lines adheres to the highest standards, facilitating a reliable and efficient move.

Customs Clearance

Streamlining the Customs Process

The customs clearance process can be daunting. Our experienced team manages all aspects, ensuring a hassle-free entry into the UK.

Proven Efficiency in Handling Customs

Our expertise ensures that all paperwork and procedures are completed without delay.

Why Choose Forward Van Lines

Decades of Moving Excellence

With over 30 years in the moving industry, our experience and comprehensive service offerings set us apart.

Proven Track Record

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service has made us a leading choice for international moves.

Additional Services

Beyond basic moving services, we provide specialized options to cater to diverse needs:

Closing and Contact Information

Start your new chapter in London with confidence. Contact Forward Van Lines for a free, no-obligation quote:

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