Moving to Canada from South Florida?

Trust Forward Van Lines for Your International Relocation

Are you contemplating a move from South Florida to the Great White North? Making a transition to another country is a significant event and choosing the right moving company is crucial. Forward Van Lines, with its 30-year track record, has been the go-to option for international moves. Whether you’re planning to settle in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, or any other Canadian city, we have the expertise to make your move seamless.

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Pre-Move Preparation to Moving to Canada

Relocating internationally involves a myriad of tasks and challenges.

From acquiring the right visas and permits to handling your personal logistics, the to-do list can seem endless. The act of packing itself can be a massive undertaking.

Expert Packing

Forward Van Lines excels at providing expert packing services, ensuring each item, whether it’s your household furniture or treasured keepsakes, is handled with utmost care.

Free 30-Day Storage

Need some extra time to get things in order? No worries, we offer 30 days of free storage services, allowing you to keep your items in a secure, climate-controlled environment.

Freight Forwarding

Understanding Freight Forwarding

This involves transporting your belongings from one country to another via air, sea, or land.

IAM Membership

Forward Van Lines is not just any moving company; we’re IAMX-Validated and proud members of the International Association of Movers (IAM). This signifies that we meet the industry’s highest standards and have access to a global network of trusted partners to ensure your belongings arrive safely in Canada.

Customs Clearance

When moving internationally, dealing with customs can be a complex procedure.

From paperwork to taxes, missing a single step can lead to unwanted delays.

Efficiency and Expertise

Forward Van Lines simplifies this process for you. Our expert team has years of experience in customs clearance, Ensuring that your moving to Canada experience will be as smooth as possible.

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Why Choose Forward Van Lines

Decades of Experience

With 30 years in the industry, our expertise is unparalleled.

Full Range of Services

We offer complete services for international moves including packing, storage, and customs clearance.

Customer Satisfaction

Our reputation for quality service is reflected in the satisfaction of our numerous clients.

Additional Services

Besides our primary moving services, Forward Van Lines also offers:

Corporate Moves

Military Moves

Senior Moves

Piano Moves

Auto Transport

Crating Services

Contact Information

Taking the first step in your international move is a significant event, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. To receive a risk-free, no-obligation quote, reach out to Forward Van Lines today.

From paperwork to taxes, missing a single step can lead to unwanted delays.

Your journey from South Florida to your new Canadian home begins with Forward Van Lines. Trust us to take you there.

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