How to spot red flags in moving companies?

warning about moving scams

Unfortunately, when planning your move, you need to watch out for dishonest movers. Also known as Household Goods Carriers or Brokers. 

They usually work like this:

  • They give you a Low estimate over the phone or online. Without even visiting your home, or seeing the goods that you want to be moved.
  • Once your goods are on the moving truck, the movers demand more money before they will deliver or unload them.
  • The “Movers” hold your goods hostage and force you to pay more. Sometimes much more than you agreed to. if you want your possessions back.

If the mover tries to charge you more than you agreed to or says you have more belongings than anticipated, require them to provide a new estimate that you both sign before they begin packing and loading.

If you spot a red flag while searching for a mover or broker, do not work with that company. Keep searching until you find a reputable company.

Thank you FMCSA for the info

Written by Guy Maman
November 17, 2022
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