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Can a moving company transport firearms?

Written by Diego Montoya
November 16, 2022

The short answer is yes! Depending on the state you are moving to, it  will be the customer’s responsibility to verify that the firearm is legal in that state. The firearm needs to be unloaded, placed in a case and locked up. 

The ammunition however, can not be shipped with a moving company, because it falls under the hazardous or incendiary category.

A moving company will not move any hazardous items. 

So we have put together a list of items which cannot be transported on our moving trucks. Due to D.O.T (department of transportation) laws, rules and regulations, some things that have been listed are on the list for the protection of your shipment. Hazardous, perishable, incendiary or otherwise dangerous items are not allowed on our moving trucks at any time. Forward Van Lines recommends that you keep you items of high value (jewelry, watches, sentimental or otherwise important items)

  • Aerosol Canisters
  • Ammonia or Bleach
  • Ammunition
  • Gun Powder
  • Car Battery/s
  • Charcoal
  • Chemistry Arrays
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Photography Chemicals
  • Fertilizer/Plant Food
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fireworks/Firecracker
  • Fuels, oils & Incendiaries
  • Kerosene/Turpentine
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Loaded guns
  • Fire Arms
  • Matches/Lighters
  • Nail polish
  • Paint solvents
  • Paints/ lacquers
  • Pesticides/Poisons
  • Pool or Spa chemicals
  • Propane tanks
  • Scuba-diving Tanks
  • Weed killer/Pesticide

Items that expire or otherwise go bad

  • Address or Contact Book
  • Airline or Travel Fair
  • Cash/Checks
  • Financial Documentation (401k, bonds, stocks, ira’s, tax information, cd accounts, etc.…)
  • Cell Phone
  • Tablet
  • Computer backups
  • Photos/Home videos (dvd’s)
  • Insurance contracts
  • Jewelry
  • Medical Reports
  • Medications
  • School/College
  • Records
  • Work-Related Files
  • Diplomas/Certifications
  • Time Pieces (Expensive watch)

These are items that are deemed as high value, high importance, or irreplaceable. We recommend keeping these items with you or transporting them by using other means so as to prevent misplacing or losing them while being packed, stored, and in transit.