6 Helpful Videos to Move Like a Pro

6 Helpful Videos to Move Like a Pro
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In this post, you can learn how to compare estimates, how to get a guaranteed price, the difference between standard valuation and insurance, and much more.

Compare Estimates

Learn how to compare moving estimates.

The number of items, guaranteed price, crew size, equipment needed, and type of contract is key to decide.

Standard Valuation and Moving Insurance

Standard valuation and moving insurance are different.  

Learning the difference will help you prepare for the future the right way.

How to Get a Guaranteed Price

A great mover will always offer an on-site or a virtual survey without charge or obligation for you.

Learn how to get yours.

Inventory List for Long Distance Moves

Making an inventory list of all your items before the move will help you stay organized. While packing, and will allow you to keep track of your items by checking the list at the origin and destination.

Long Distance Delivery Window

The delivery window is the time frame in which you can expect your shipment to be delivered. 

Keep in mind if you want a dedicated or guaranteed delivery date additional charges will apply.

Pro vs Do it Yourself Packing

Packing your own boxes to reduce the cost of labor may sound like a good idea, but it is not always as easy as you think.

Professional movers will always have the materials and knowledge to do it the right way.

Written by Guy Maman
November 18, 2022
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