Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions.

The path to a smooth move is planning and organization. Based on Forwards Van Lines years of experience, we have listed some answers to frequently asked questions in order to help you plan and organize your upcoming move.

Forward Van Lines frequently asked questions have been listed in to the segments below in order to assist you in finding the answer to your questions quickly. We do however recommend taking the time to go through all of the available information in order to be prepared and knowledgeable about the process of your move.

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    When should I contact my moving company?

    The simple fact is the sooner you call Forward Van Lines the better. Please try giving us as much as 4 weeks prior to you desired moved date and no later than 2 weeks. Giving us this minimal time prior to your move allows our staff to coordinate and insure a smooth move for you and your family.
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    Do I need to get a quote or estimate for my move?

    Not getting an estimate by a reputable mover such as Forward Van Lines is asking for trouble. Will you go skydiving without a parachute? Senseless question we know. However the fact is unless you have money to throw away or you simply don’t care you should absolutely get a quote from a reputable mover. Furthermore we recommend that you get 3 reputable movers to provide you with an estimate for your move. A very important fact to remember is that most reputable movers have more or less the same cost of during business, which means that the estimates you receive should be comparable. If you see a big fluctuation in price either negative or positive then something may be wrong. For an explanation of your quote or for help with a quote you have received from one of our competitors call us at 1-855-7-FORWARD
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    What is a binding estimate?

    A binding estimate is an exact cost for moving services. Your final charges will not increase or decrease if your final weight or volume is greater or lesser than estimated. A binding estimate covers only the goods and services listed on the estimate and associated inventory of items; contracted to be moved. If you add items or additional services are required or requested, the mover may void the original binding price proposition by requiring you to sign an addendum to the original agreement. Please read what you are signing very carefully. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Forward Van Lines at 1-855-7 FORWARD. The mover will also require full payment for these additional goods or services at the time of delivery.Additional services which would contribute to the cost of the move include shuttle service, in the event that your origin or destination is not assessable by a tractor trailer a smaller truck must be used to transport your shipment from your home to the trailer or vice versa. Excessive carry or long carry, when our crew has to carry your shipment more than 75 feet from the truck to you home. Stair or walkup, when our crew has to walk up more than 1 flight of stairs based on 10 steps per flight.

    Be cautioned if you select a company who has quoted considerably less weight or volume based on your list of items and packing services and has given a binding or guaranteed price. If their inventory or list of items to be moved is incomplete or if they have neglected essential services, the contract could become void before your shipment is to be loaded and you would be asked to sign an addendum to the quote and ultimately be responsible for whatever additional charges your mover deemed to charge.

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    What time of the year and month is the best time to move?

    The best time to move is when it’s right for you. However, there are some peak times of the year that are busier for the moving industry than others. The summer months between May and September are the busiest time of the year for all moving companies. The ends of each month are also periods of heavier demand in the moving industry as well as most holidays. These factors mean you might have less choice of available moving dates. Moving off peak can reduce your overall cost and If the move can be scheduled for a time when trucks and crews are more freely available, Forward Van Lines will be better able to meet your desired pickup and delivery schedule.
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    How long will my move take to perform?

    Many factors come into play in order to determine how long a move will take.

    The most significant of these factors is the size of shipment followed by the distance in-between origin and destination, the time of year, weather conditions and the time it would take to load and unload the shipment. Delivery time frame can also be affected if a shipment is sharing space on the truck with other shipment on the same route. You can rest assured that we separate each shipment and account for each shipments inventory from the moment we first load the truck to the time that we unload the shipment at your destination.

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    Does my mover need to be licensed or registered?

    The simple answer is YES. Whichever term you choose to use a mover must be licensed or registered with both state and federal authorities in order to engage in interstate transportation of household goods. Forward Van Lines DOT # is 709590 and ICC MC # is 327506 furthermore we have held these in good standing since 1994.
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    What is a tariff and does my mover need to have a tariff?

    A tariff is a document that must be published by every interstate household goods moving company. Among other things, the tariff lists the prices, rules, policies, and types of services offered by the mover. A tariff must include a description of the services offered; must provide the specific applicable rates, charges and service terms; and must be arranged in a way that allows for the determination of the rate, charges and service terms applicable to any given shipment.
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    How will I know how much my move will cost?

    Unless you have been given a binding or guaranteed price for your move, the exact cost of your move cannot be determined until after your shipment has been loaded on the truck. If additional services are requested or become necessary after loading, additional charges will be incurred. Basic transportation charges depend on the actual weight and volume of your goods and the distance they will travel. Forward Van Lines takes these factors into account when calculating the cost of your move but our price will be guaranteed per the list of items provided by the customer. The total cost will include these transportation costs, any charges for Full-Value Coverage or Depreciated Coverage, plus charges for any accessorial services such as packing and/or unpacking performed by Forward Van Lines per customer requirements.
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    When should I pay for my move?

    Upon booking we hold your reservation with only a 10%(minimum $50.00) deposit. At pickup we take up to 70% of the total cost of your move and last but not least on delivery we will accept final payment of the remaining balance.
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    What are the forms of payments accepted?

    We accept Visa, Master Card, pay-pal, Certified or Cashier’s check, Postal money order, Western union money order, and Cash. Any of these forms of payment can be used for your reservation or booking fee and your pick-up fee. All delivery fees or balance dues must be paid by Certified or Cashier’s check from a known national bank, Postal money order, Western union money order or cash only. If you would like to pay for your entire move with a credit card then the entire cost of the move must be paid for at pick-up.

    If a customer would like to setup for a wire transfer or other payment arraignments

    Please contact our office at 1-855-7-FORWARD

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    Will I be protected for loss or damage to my shipment?

    You will be protected but your level of protection will depend on you and the valuation coverage of your choice. Should you choose the .60 cents per pound released liability Forwards Van Lines maximum liability would be .60 cents per pound, per article up to $10,000. We have other valuation coverage’s available with deductibles for a higher rate of coverage. We also recommended to all our customers purchasing insurance through our affiliate coverage program with Baker Int. they can be reached at 800.356.0093.
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    Can I purchase full value protection or moving insurance?

    Yes, please make sure you ask your Forward Van Lines specialist for assistance in making the right choice for your move. We also highly recommend purchasing moving insurance from our affiliate with Baker Int. they can be reached at 800.356.0093.
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    Can I move jewelry or other high value items? (Items of extraordinary value)

    Items having a value of more than $100 per pound aka articles of extraordinary value in your shipment must be listed on our separate high value inventory form. The following list are just some examples of articles of extraordinary value: any type of jewelry, furs, art, crystal, antiques, oriental rugs, precious stones or gems, china and silverware, etc.… In the event of a claim, any settlement involving an article of extraordinary value listed on the high value inventory form is limited to the value of the article, not to exceed the declared value of the shipment, based upon the valuation choice relevant to your shipment.
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    Can my shipment be stored with the moving company?

    Sure. We would be happy to safely and securely store your belongings at our South Florida facility, we also have agents in Maplewood New Jersey, Dallas Texas, Los Angles California and Seattle Washington. While your destination is being prepared for your new occupation your shipment will be waiting at our facility until we have confirmation from our customer that there are ready to receive there shipment.
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    Do the movers know how to properly pack plasma, LCD, LED flat screen T.V.'s

    Our movers and packers are trained to handle these items with the utmost care. We know that a Plasma Flat Screen T.V. must always be faced upright and stay in the upright position while being handled in transit or being stored. You can rest assured that Forward Van Lines has the expertise needed in order to pack and secure your flat screen. We have cutting edge packing solutions available at your request.
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    Do appliances need special handling before being moved?

    Most appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers require special attention to ensure safe transportation. Any moving parts such as motors on major appliances or washing machine drums should be securely fastened for shipment. Gas appliances need to be disconnected prior to being moved

    It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that appliances are ready for shipment before they are loaded on the truck. At our customer’s request and for an additional fee, Forward Van Lines will perform this service, or contract an authorized service company.

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    Can I pack my belongings by myself?

    The answer is YES. However most of our customers when moving across state lines prefer to have their possessions, especially fragile items, packed and protected by our professional packing crew. However should you decide to pack on your own please consult our packing guide and remember to buy or use quality material to pack your belongings. Take note that everything you will pack on your own will be deemed as “PBO” (packed by owner)
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    Can I leave clothes and or pack stuff in the furniture like a dresser or armoire?

    In short the answer is yes. However we stress that you only pack clothing linings and similar items. Packing books, dishes, toys or any othermiscellaneousitemsmay deem the to be overall too heavy to move and you will be asked by the loading crew to unpack the piece of furniture in question, furthermore both the furniture and the items packed inside may be damaged while being handled in transit. Please make sure that when leaving the contents of this type of furniture loaded that is loaded with clothing or linen only.
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    Should I move my plants or flowers?

    Transportation of plants really depends on the location you are moving from and too.

    Some states such as Florida and California have strict regulations regarding incoming plant life of any kind due to the agricultural devastations a sick or infested plant can create. However it is best to contact your Forward Van Lines relocation representative, which will be able to help you. Remember that while moving houseplants of any kind in the moving truck that these plant or plants will have no water, sunlight or care; therefor Forward Van Lines cannot take responsibility for the wellbeing of your plants while in transport. You can always transport your plants in the family car or ship them via FedEx, UPS, etc. Your relocation representative can assist you.

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    Can the moving company move animals or pets?

    We can help you relocate your pet to your new home and even arrange for temporary housing while you are in transit. If you need any assistance with your pet please call your relocation coordinator at 1-855-7-FORWARD. We do not transport pets or animals in the moving truck.
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    Should I tip my movers?

    Sure you can. If you are happy with the service that our professional crew gave you as most of customers are it is customary to tip. However tipping is not mandatory and not one of our laborers works for tips. You will never be asked to tip by any of our crewmembers. Tipping has become sort of a sensitive subject for customers. How much should I tip? Is there a percentage? What if my mover is not happy with his tip? These are just a few of the questions we hear on a day to day. The answers are simple. Tip what you feel comfortable with; there is no set percentage and our crews are eager and proud to do their job well. Whether you want to buy your crew lunch or give them a tip at the end of the job or even if you can’t afford to give them a tip what so ever, the performance and dedication of our crew will make you happy and you will never be asked for a TIP.
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    Can I move alcohol or firearms with my shipment?

    Unfortunately the answer is no. According to federal law we cannot move Firearms, Alcohol or Tabaco across state lines. Firearms must be moved through licensed FFL dealers. While we cannot move alcohol or Tabaco beer and wine can be moved, however we stress that these must packed standing upright and marked accordingly. It is also suggested to let our professionalpacker’shandle and pack for you to prevent any breakage and ensure its safe arrival at your destination.
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    Is my priced based on cubic feet (volume) or by the pound (weight)?

    This question seems to be on all of our clients minds and rightfully so. You are entitled to know how we calculate and come up with the price of your job. We have heard it all before and we are sure you have to. Cubic feet or volume is calculated as: length X width X height (2 L x 2 W x 2 H = 8cf) themover’struck is marked, and as your stuff is loaded the mover will charge you based on the space your shipment takes up in the truck. Weight is simple enough, just the weight of your shipment. The mover will arrive at your home and present you with a weight slip from a licensed weight station this will be your empty weight. Your shipment will then be loaded and the mover will weigh the truck for the second time this will be your loaded weight. The mover will then subtract the empty weight from the loaded weight and the difference will be the net weight for your shipment. (Empty weight 12,000 lbs. loaded weight 26,000 lbs. will yield this equation 26,000 lbs. – 12,000 lbs. = 14,000 lbs. Your shipment of 14,000 times your rate will be the line haul cost). As a consumer of moving services you must know what how you are being charged. Forward Van Lines has a customized tariff, which allows us to price or charge you for your move however you like. However over the years we have found that our flat rate, guaranteed price is the way to go. What we do is take a list of items as a part of a visual estimate or over the phone and we guarantee your price based on that list. We take into account both the weight and cubic footage so we can price your move and we give you a no hassle flat rate. The only thing you need to do is show us in person or tell us over the phone or by email what needs to be moved. Sure if you tell us that you need to move 20 boxes and on the move day we have an additional 5 boxes we must charge you for the additional boxes, so it is important to get an accurate list. Our trained relocation staff will update your list of items to be moved, as many times as is necessary,it’s not a hassle it’s what we do. If at any time you need further explanation please call us at 1-855-7-FORWARD
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    Can a customer help the moving crew on moving day?

    Sure, if you want to help that’s great. The truth is whatever you do will make the job go faster and smoother, although remember that the key to a smooth move ispreparation. Don’t wait to the last minute to pack and get things ready. When the movers arrive at your door there goal is to get your furniture protected and loaded on the truck. The biggest help you can be is to make sure that all of your belongings are packed in boxes and labeled and that you have cleared walkways for the moving crew to get safely in and out of your home. Keep your pets in a locked portion of the house or make sure that your moving crew knows about the pet. Were great with kids but we are not baby sitters, make sure small children keep out of the movers way. We wouldn’t want a mover to accidently harm your child while handling or lifting furniture, boxes etc.…. Unfortunately due to insurance purposes only the moving crew is allowed in the moving truck.
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    Can I ride in the moving truck to my destination?

    You must arrange for your own transportation. Unfortunately we cannot let you ride with your crew to your destination. Due to insurance & liability reasons along with actual field situations riding with the moving crew is not possible. If you would like us to help make arraignments for your transportation please call your relocation agent at 1-855-7-FORWARD


We hope that the Q&A portion of this site has been informative and helpful, however if for any reason you are unclear about any of the included information or have any questions or concerns, which have not been addressed, please feel free to contact us via the contact us page, we would be more than happy to clear up any questions or concerns you may have.



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